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Quotation_open_48px I started gaming in 1982 with an Atari 2600, since then ive had almost every console and gaming computer and the ones I dont have I emulate. I have about half a million roms and gaming is pretty much all I do with my spare time. I prefer to play Japanese RPG's and FPS's but I enjoy all genres, my favourite console is the SNES and my favourite computer is the Commodore Amiga. This gen I've started moving more towards being a casual gamer but I try to get stuck into retro JRPG's as much as I can. Outside of gaming I do MMA, Boxing, Ju Jitsu, Weightlifting, play guitar and have a HUGE interest in all things military. I spend my holidays travelling to WW1 + WW2 battlesites across Europe. I can usually be found on www.unikgamer.com going by the name of msg, I prefer fun talk and banter rather than a deep serious discussion about games and I should never be taken seriously :D Quotation_close_48px



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